Public art evolves as does everything.

Public art evolves as does everything.

Time has a way of showing itself through art in a way few mediums can. Lenticular is a unique type of public art. The beautification that lenticular lends a community often draws attention and brings a vibrancy where it is lacking.

Powerful Promotion

Libraries and school districts were some of the first people to jump onto the new 3D art. The ability to interact with lenticular art allows a community to feel involved in the process of art creation. Promoting learning is the target reason why educational programs continue to use lenticular to draw in the curious.

Murals made into 3D booklets invites people to walk through the lenticular art and read the photos as if they were a novel. Pictures and artwork presented as accordion-pleated walk-through is a new method for learning history to merely enjoying art as art.

Walking in Wonderment

Many communities have waterfronts or parks that highlight their history. With the addition of lenticular art, the brevity of history is provided by accordion-like pictures that illustrate the story of any given town or public space.

Human creativity starts with interactions with other people or observing art that inspiresLenticular artwork is both educational and beautiful. The combination allows a person’s mind to learn while also admiring different aspects of the human experience.

Inspiring Ideas

Lenticular art installations take more than merely making a picture or piece of art and creating an involved 3D piece in a public space. Train stations, for example, take into account exciting moments in history that serves as murals.

But, artists are inspired more than historical contexts of public space. The artist spends time with city developers and businesses to explore concepts.

The best artists examine the physical or environmental parameters that consider public safety and structural integrity require the teamwork that comes when working in collaboration. Human creativity is a group project when asking themselves what lenticular art would inspire and educate.

The best-inspired ideas come from collaboration.

The Creation of Lenticular Art

Photographers and artists evolve as technology and ideas do the same. The 3D installations’ creation starts with a plan and vision before turned in fine art in public spaces.

The process of creating lenticular art begins when an image is first split into thin strips and then laminated on a lenticular film. At that point, a straightforward matrix of optical focal points is put over the best to create the fantasy of depth.

The space between onlookers’ eyes is what creates the fascinating 3D effect. This effect becomes even stronger when admirers walk while looking at a lenticular image. Two-dimensional dividers suddenly change an image into an entrancing figure from the past, present, or the future.

Everyone needs fine art in their life. Lenticular art is particularly fascinating and draws crowds while inspiring others to learn, admire, and perhaps muse them in other realms of art.

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