Lenticular Pictures & Printing

Lenticular Pictures & Printing

Artists have been researching how to show depth in 3D method for centuries. Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenses are designed to achieve high depth effects. Printing type has a captivating history, from the 1600’s portraits of royalty, to corporate ads, all the way to gimmicky schwag.

We review the way lenticular prints are cutting-edge in contemporary art and accurately replacing other forms, as a valued artistic medium. Lenticular printing uses diverse images which are dissected into sections and molded together. A plastic sheet comprises a fixed amount of prism-like lenses, which is then placed on top of the images to portray 3D effects.

Each lens functions as its own magnifying glass, which augments and presents a different fragment of the image depending on where the viewer is standing. The combination of several lenses functioning collectively, with several interlaced images produces 3D horizontal image planes, depending on what particular angle it’s viewed from. This is due to each eye seeing the art from a slightly different viewpoint, giving the 3D stereoscopic effect.

Prior to the origination of photographic techniques, scientists experimented  with lenses and pictures to produce 3D images. Going back to the 17th century artists have been experimenting with countless techniques to create an optical effect of 3D on surfaces which are flat.

Technology for lenticular pictures became popular though, in the 1960’s and 1970’s when advertisers harnessed its potential.   February 25th 1964 marks the date lenticular prints hit the masses, which is when ‘Look Magazine’ featured the first 3D postcards. Some of you may recall the limited edition Rolling Stones album cover as just one of the many noteworthy lenticular print from

Lenticular printing has steadily evolved from gimmicky into an art form that is now taken seriously by many. It has moved out of the “cracker jack” box and into the fine art space. Technology such as this definitely gives an incredible outlet for artists to explore deep, sculptural forms, while re-examining viewers reactions to the piece.

Modern lenticulars can be fascinating art pieces, which draw your attention to their hidden depths.  NuVenture specializes in 3D lenticular art, 3D pictures, and 3 dimensional photography specific to WildLife and Cannabis markets. The NuVEnture team’s really excited to see lenticular printing continue to take off, and push the envelope even greater!

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