How 3D Lenticular Art & Photography is made

How 3D Lenticular Art & Photography is made

Art comes in many different forms and one example is called lenticular art. For those who might not know, lenticular printing and lenticular art involve technology in which lenticular lenses make printed images. This technology is often used to produce 3D images to create the illusion that depth is present on an otherwise two-dimensional print. As people move and change the angle from which they are viewing the image, the picture appears to move. This type of illusion has become popular among many artists and its viewers alike.

Types of Lenticular Images

There are many different types of lenticular images that are created. Some of the common ways that lenticular images are put to use include a winking eye, modern advertising images that change their message from different angles, 3D cannabis art, and 3D wildlife art. In cannabis art, people often use lenticular images to give the appearance of moving leaves or blowing puffs of smoke. 3D wildlife art might be used to create an image where animals appear to be running, flying, or jumping from different angles. This type of technology has the ability to create powerful images.

How is Lenticular Art Made?

In order to generate lenticular images, there are printing presses that have been made to print an image on sensitive materials. These specialized printing presses are needed to produce high-quality images. The printing presses are able to adjust images to an accuracy of 10 micrometers. This precision is necessary to properly align the images. Then, inks that have been cured with UV radiation are used to print the images. These inks dry quickly to ensure that the image does not smear. UV lamps are often used to cure the ink quickly.

New Technology for Lenticular Art

The technology behind 3D lenticular photography and printing is evolving and changing quickly. New uses for this powerful type of artwork is constantly being produced. It will be exciting to see how this new technology impacts the artwork coming out of this field

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