baby-bears-smallNu-Venture, LLC is the creation of Gary Langevin and Sheri Roberts. Gary comes with a lifetime of sales and marketing experience while Sheri brings 25 years of retail sales and marketing experience as well as her training as a professional artist. After retiring from their retail bead, jewelry, and craft business, the pair took on a new project.

The craft of lenticular photography and printing and the many features of this technology are particularly intriguing. The ability to create Deep 3D images and multi-image Flip designs leads to endless possibilities. Nu-Venture, LLC began developing its own line of unique North American wildlife prints which are being enthusiastically received by both wholesalers and retailers. Now, the company is creating an exclusive line of cannabis prints that are earning the same eager response. As Nu-Venture, LLC continues to grow, so will its line of original 3D, Deep 3D, and 3D Flip holographic-like pictures.

Gary and Sheri are deeply committed to their customers. So, whether you are a wholesaler, sales rep, show vendor, retail shop owner, or person looking for a unique gift or decorative art for your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Producing high-quality 3D lenticular images in a unique format.

providing wholesale clients with a highly profitable product that appeals to customers throughout North America and abroad.

providing retail customers with a unique, high-quality, appealing product at an affordable price.

exhibiting honesty, integrity and reliability in all aspects of our business.